• Big Chocolate Chip Cookie A La Mode
  • Cappuccino served
  • Salted Caramel Martini

Lulu's Chocolate Bar

About us

When a baker and a bartender come together, a beautiful thing happens: Lulu's Chocolate Bar

Lulu's Chocolate Bar was envisioned by two best friends, Rebecca Radovich and Janine Finn, who were having no luck getting bank funding to start their dream restaurant. After raising the money on their own, Lulu's was made into a reality in 2007, and Savannah quickly embraced the lively little establishment, voting it “Best Desserts” every year since its inception. "Lulu" was inspired by both women’s Grandmothers: colorful personalities and masters in their own kitchens, who also happened to enjoy a cocktail now and then. Lulu's mission is to create a com- munity of adventurous self-indulgence. Once experienced, we hope y'all will take a little bit of that mind-set with you everywhere you go - until you come see us again!!

Think of Lulu's as a dessert restaurant with an array of specialty drinks and martinis for your enjoyment. We offer organic fair trade coffee provided by local faves, The Sentient Bean as well as brewed coffee from PERC. Thank you, Savannah, for voting Lulu's Best Desserts (16 years in a row) and Best Wait Staff and Best Martini for 2017 and 2020!